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All Day Breakfast

All Day Lunch

Small Plates

Something Sweet

All Day Breakfast

Tropical Porridge

banana, mango & passionfruit

with coconut, millet puffs and cream

Tahini Granola

with seasonal fruit and yoghurt

coconut yoghurt add $1.50

Breakfast Tortilla Bowl

with chorizo, feta, poached eggs, rocket, avocado and beans


Breakfast Plate

poached egg on sourdough toast with pesto and mini granola & fruits


Avocado, Pea & Herb Smash

with poached eggs, chilli, feta, chimichurri & dukkah

with bacon $25

French Toast

with brown sugar, berry compote, citrus cardomom, mascarpone and pistachios

with bacon $23.50

Eggs Your Way

served on sour dough



bacon $5
tomatoes $4.50
mushrooms $5.50
crispy potato $5
halloumi $6
hollandaise $2.50
tofu $6
smoked salmon $8
hash brown $4.50
fries $6
avocado $4.50

Big Breakfast

bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, roast tomato, mushrooms, hollandaise, hash brown & toast


vege: eggs, beans, halloumi, spinach, tomato, pesto & hash
vegan: beans, tofu, spinach, tomato, pesto & crispy potatoes


your choice of:

– kimchi and smoked cheese

– spinac and feta 

– ham and cheddar

with bacon $23.50

Eggs Benedict

with lemon herb hollandaise

with bacon $24.50
with salmon $25
with mushrooms $23

ask for our GF, V, VE OPTIONS and please advise us of any allergies

All Day Brunch

Fish of The Day

panfried with lemon hollandaise or pesto, crispy potatoes and green salad


Roast Mushrooms

on whole grain toast with rosemary mustard cream, porcini dust, rocket + parmesan

with bacon $25


refried beans, corn, jelapeno, smoked cheese
pulled pork or smoked jackfruit


Open Steak Sandwich

with caramelised onions, tomato, rocket, pesto & pickled vegetables


Open Halloumi Sandwich

with pickled vegetables, rocket & pesto


Koream Fried Chicken Tacos

with pickled vegetables, slaw and fries


Dhal of The Day

please ask..

served with Chef’s pickles, roti, coriander and yoghurt

Small Plates

Salt and Pepper Squid


Caraway Fried Cauliflower Florets


with cashew cream


Soup of The Day

please ask

>> Go – Yung – Hei – Hei <<

korean style fried chicken




House Salads

small $10 / large $15

with you choice of

Halloumi $6
Bacon $5
Tofu $6
Smoked Salmon $8
Fish $10
Steak $8

Something Sweet – changes daily

Cheese Scones

world famous*


Date Scones



weekend only *


Chocolate Brownie GF/DF


Ginger Crunch


Nana Fudge Slice


Quinoa Chocolate Cakes GF



Coconut Raspberry Slice GF


Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut Slice GF


Anzac Caramel




Cake of The Day

please ask

Dine with Us

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60 Cathedral Square, Christchurch


(03) 365 0308

Opening Hours

MON – FRI 7:30am – 5pm
SAT – SUN 8:30am – 5pm